Top Ten Tuesday

A nice little post. I am enjoying top ten tuesdays and they help to give me inspiration on what to write. This post shows the top ten book merchandise I would like to own. Similarly to many people in the bookish community, I have a long wishlist of bookish merch I would love to own. Let me know if you have any bookish merch and what you love, or would love to have. 

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Book Beginnings

I’ve been struggling to think of post ideas, so I have researched  for some weekly challenges. I found a lovely Friday challenge (the day this post goes up) so I thought I would have a go. I found this on Rose City Reader

ps: please let me know if you do or don’t like these kind of posts, I am trialling and erroring to help me find something that suits with my style. 

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October Haul

In October, I got a lot of books. I am doing my best to be on a ban for November, but I have already got 5 books out at the library. My TBR is evergrowing and I don’t think I will ever conquer it. Let me know if you have got any of these books and what your thoughts were on them!! Continue reading “October Haul”

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